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After many years of committed fortnightly manicures, in 2007 I decided to launch my own nail journey. It all began when I would come home from my appointments to file & reshape the work I had just had done so that I would be happy with them. The passion hit me when I decided to train with some of the best in the industry (CND™️ & OPI™️) and from that moment onwards, I knew I found my happy place. 


I am huge believer in knowledge being power so ever since my first training day, I have never stopped. Still continuing to expand and training regularly to not only be the best I could be for me but also my clients and to pass all of this on to my students. 


I opened my first salon doors in 2011 with just 1 member of staff and 20 clients, to 7 years later closing those doors with 6 members of staff and over 1000 clients on my books. I made the transition to open Charlotte Burgess Studio, on my home grounds to give my clients a more relaxed, luxurious approach. 


On the way I have been extremely fortunate to have met such amazing and talented people, who I am now lucky enough to call them some of my closest friends. Along with my Nail Idol Marian Newman BEM, after meeting by chance, I had my introduction to session work, becoming apart of Team Marian Newman for over 4 years getting the opportunity to assist on fashion week shows in London, Paris and Milan & behind the scenes on editorials, something I will forever be thankful for! 


Once, at an after show dinner filled with beautiful food & wine, Marian asked me if I had ever thought about teaching, which sparked where I am today! 

    After settling straight into my new Studio it was the perfect time to begin my teacher training & grow my own Education Studio. I had the pleasure of educating for OPI™️ for a year but have since moved on to be able to offer everything from Accredited Courses to Private 1 to 1’s. 


Every brand I chose to work with are essential for our industry & I trust they will help to move our industry forward. 


I very much look forward to welcoming you to my studio!





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